Viewing, Creativity, Nonlocal Perception, and the New Economy

I recently wrote a piece about Daniel Pink’s book A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Economy that explains in detail why whole brain thinking is desperately needed to move our economy forward. While left-brain logical, linear thinking has served us well in the past, Pink shows us it’s limitations. This type of work can easily be done by computer or outsourced to low-wage paying countries which is contributing to our current economic malaise. To remedy this situation, we need to increase and enhance our creative and holistic thinking skills so as to be more like designers and less like engineers. Our educational system needs to train us for right-brain holistic thinking in addition to the left-brain logical analysis.

This isn’t some sort of wishful, myopic, new-age thinking. Pink shows that our that the most in demand professions are now all related to creative design fields. In fact, there is more demand for graduates from art schools than MBAs from well-known business schools. Most high-priced products now need a healthy dose of unique, fresh design ideas.

Similarly, virtual viewing, as described elsewhere on this site shows us that the right-brain is capable of complex, non-linear perspectives that the left-brain mind can barely comprehend. It seems to me that the skills strengthened by the practice of viewing are exactly the same as those Pink describes in his book. It’s just that they are applied in a more novel, cutting-edge fashion.

Therefore, we need to take a fresh look at those skills labeled as “psychic” and “paranormal” to see whether they really are so esoteric after all, or perhaps we’ve just decided to ignore this type of fuzzy thinking in favor of precise analysis and linear logic, despite its drawbacks. Our economy might depend on it.