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_There is nothing like a viewing class with Simeon to help you tap into your full potential. Highly recommended.” –Lorraine Moller, Olympic marathon runner, medal winner and author.

 “Simeon far exceeded my expectations. This class was just terrific! We made PHENOMENAL target contact. It was wonderful.”–Elisa Brown, musician and vocalist (comments from live NYC viewing class)
“This was a wonderful, fun, mind expanding course. Simeon is a wonderful sharer, with a light touch.”
– Rachel, Boulder, CO

“Your course is extraordinarily fun. Not pretentious, not aloof, just right on cue
with what is pertinent for one to have a better understanding of RV. Thanks.”
–Sandy S.,

“Your virtual viewing course is awesome!”– Mary T.

“Dr Hein’s virtual viewing class is a blast! It showed me a cool, new way to use
my mind.”
–Melissa C.

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