Viewing in 5 Simple Steps

These videos below explain the five steps of the viewing process in detail. For more explanation and practice please watch the “Complete Instructional Videos” in the Master Class also.

Learn to View–-Step 1 “The Cool Down” — This video explains how to lower mental noise so you can pick up subtle, etheric signals more easily.

Learn to View–-Step 2 “How to Connect with the Signal Line”–Here are the fundamentals for making initial contact with a distant target.

Learn to View–-Step 3 “Tuning in to the Target’s Resonance”–This video shows the basic principles behind the idea of resonance: what it is and what it can do for you.

Learn to View–-Step 4 “Opening the Aperture”–This video explains the basic patterns of how a viewer perceives information during the course of a viewing session.

Learn to View–Step 5 “Closing Your Session”–Here I explain how to finish your session and do a short summary of your findings and perceptions. Cool huh?