The Magic of Learning to Listen

Here’s another RV tip for you. We talked about the importance of being detached from the outcome in the last tip. This time we’re going to look another way to boost your RV potential: respecting your subconscious mind.
What is this about? It’s simple. Learn to listen to yourself by paying attention to your inner subtle-processes. In order for you to be able to perceive the subtle signals from the subconscious mind, you need to get in the habit of learning its language. This is the language of feelings, images, sensations and perceptions. We’re not talking about linear, rational thoughts here. Just the subtle stuff coming from your right brain.
Now these perceptions can be very faint so it’s a good idea to get in the habit of paying attention to them throughout the day. Basically, you want to check in with your gut feelings about things, just as a way of practicing the art of listening to the subconscious mind. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. Another way that I like to keep in touch with the subconscious is with regular exercise like walking, bike riding, and things like that.
Regular rhythms engendered by natural exercise, “green exercise” as it’s called have been shown to improve cognitive function. So you’ll become a better listener to your own internal processes. By learning to selectively limit your exposure to your “monkey mind” and expanding the amount of subtle information you are paying attention to, you’ll become a better viewer. The information is there, you just need to practice paying attention to it. After a while, you’ll be in the habit of respecting the subconscious mind and recognizing the difference between the loud “rational” thoughts and the softer intuitive ones. This has an added bonus of making you more creative all the time, even when you are not actively doing an RV session.