How to Use Viewing to Bootstrap Your Energetic Evolution

In the previous video, “3 Keys to Tuning Your Resonance” we talked a little bit about beliefs and connecting in to the zero-point field. I want to elaborate a little about what that means as it’s important.

Basically, one of the “secrets” of viewing is that you seem to be able to pick up on some “hidden energy” in order to connect with the target. When you connect with this energy field, that initially feels like its outside of you, you seem to get some natural boost in your own abilities. It’s almost as if the session is doing itself for you. A kind of effortless, flowing experience.

Of course, you have to put some effort, some real effort to get to that point. But once you reach the state of “flow,” the session seems to spontaneously complete itself.

Now I’m not actually sure about everything that’s going on in that situation, but I know it involves some kind of interaction of your subconscious mind with the overall quantum field, or whatever you’d like to call it.

To me, this is the whole point of viewing. You become familiar with a larger state of awareness, that transcends your ego mind and your ordinary mind-set. That is, you tap into your larger “super mind.” And for a few moments, you experience something bigger, expanded, and unlimited.

Whatever you do with that experience, it gives you the awareness of a connection to something bigger than yourself, or, as another way of looking at it, a bigger you than you thought you were. That kind of “aha” moment, if you experience it from time to time, has a kind of cumulative effect on your life. It can show you new things and open doorways you didn’t know were there.

This kind of cumulative, progressive experience is like “bootstrapping” your own energetic evolution because you have to start the process yourself, but once it’s going, it has it’s own rules of operation. It’s like the analogy I used before of learning to ride a bike or swimming for the first time. You have to think about it at first, but then something else takes over.

And again the main point of all this is learn to become comfortable with the feeling of uncertainty that accompanies this type of “zero-point experience.” Eventually, it really becomes your friend and shows you the way to a bigger reality. But of course, you have to take the first step. And that’s what viewing is all about.

To make this point, at a recent science conference in Boulder, Colorado, I saw a presentation about a new type of zero-point energy technology that could potentially generate energy directly from the vacuum-space. We heard from the scientists developing the device that the technology is still in the very early stages of development. One thing I’m certain about is that we need to become more comfortable with the zero-point field in our awareness first, before it can become a functional, ordinary piece of technology in our everyday world.