Webinars and UStream Broadcasts


“Tap Your Natural Superpowers”– Jan. 12th, 2014

“Resonant Viewing and UFOs” — March 15th, 2014  (Presented to Cleveland, Ohio UFO group)


More Virtual Viewing Ideas and Practice Sessions

Here are UStream.tv broadcasts that were included in the original Master Class.
The broadcasts with the most advanced material, done specifically in conjunction with the live Master Class, begin with the video on 9/12/10.

Broadcast from 2/07/10 — “All About Resonance” plus viewing practice

Broadcast from 2/14/10 — “Virtual Viewing Hour” — questions plus viewing

Broadcast from 2/19/10 — “Viewing and Synchronicities in Your Life”

Broadcast from 3/28/10 — “Being the Fool” — Staying ahead of the conscious mind

Broadcast from 4/06/10 — “Virtual Viewing and Making Money” — How to enhance your creativity and brain power with virtual viewing.

Broadcast from 4/11/10 — “Viewing and Your Future Selves”–How viewing creates a connection with other versions of you in parallel realities. For real!”

Broadcast from 4/25/10 — “Other Types of Viewing Systems”

Master Class Sessions

Broadcast from 9/12/103 Practice Targets

Broadcast from 10/10/10 — “Resonant Visualization” and ARV