Join the Advanced Remote Viewers Practice Zoom Group Experience

Join Simeon and other RVers twice monthly for this private Zoom practice group experience on Sunday evenings at 8 PM ET. We’ll go deeper into the Ingo Swann CRV system. Share your experiences, ask questions, and let’s practice together. $50 monthly. It starts on Sunday, March 26th. Open to experiencers and those who are just curious. Includes private group forum, discounts on future live events, unique member content, and bulletin board. Cancel anytime. Limited to 15 people. Sign up here.

Includes the following:

-twice a month
-join with Zoom 
-a dedicated, private forum on Invision Community
-$50 a month for a total of four hours of practice monthly
-discounts on future live events and conferences
-special guests and member perks 
-limited to 15 people

Beginners RV Group, Boulder, June 2005