Overcoming the Fear Factor (or how I learned to love the “void”)

One of the major benefits of viewing, really and truly, is that it reduces your fear of the unknown. Every time you do a viewing session, you go off into the unknown within yourself, experience a bit of the “void,” and then come back out with new insights about the target and about yourself. It’s an amazing process of self-discovery and it never ceases to surprise me.

And every time you go into your “inner void,” you learn that the “feeling” of the unknown is actually kind of exciting. Because it opens you up to new possibilities. And it shows you about, what I like to call, “the wisdom of uncertainty.” That is, the unknown is actually a very productive place, because it allows you to experience more of yourself, in brand new ways. Sure it’s terrifying for a spell, but what a ride!

While we’re on the subject, remember that modern physics tells that the void, vacuum of the universal quantum matrix is actually full of energy. Packed with it, in fact.

That’s exactly what viewing shows you: that reducing the amount of control you have over a situation can be advantageous to you. What a concept!

So enjoy the unknown, seek it out. Because it turns out to be a pretty fun place after all. Scary in the beginning, like the first time you rode a bike without training wheels. But much more satisfying in the long run.

Well, over time, you begin to enjoy this process of viewing sessions “journeys into the unknown” and then it translates into real life. You begin to see that even in everyday life, the unknown begins to have its own allure. Not so scary now, just another invitation to grow and expand.

And so what starts off as simple viewing exercises with pen and paper, translates into a kind of “practical application” in real life. Unknown situations with lots of degrees of variability, seem more like opportunities, than something to run away from. And that’s the real application of viewing in your life. To replace fear with a sense of adventure, or at least see it in a different way than before.