Complete Instructional Videos

Welcome to Virtual Viewing!
Important New Video! Watch This First
Videos 1 and 1a –The Quantum Voyage Beyond Space and Time
Video 2–Tips for Being a “Psychic Detective”
Video 3–Left and Right-Brain Thinking
Video 4–Favorite Resonant Reading Materials
Video 5–First Steps
Video 6–Viewing Walk Through, Target 1
Video 7–Viewing Target 2
Video 8–Resonance and the Hard Wiring of the Brain
Video 9–Viewing Target 3
Video 10–Viewing Target 4
Video 11–Viewing Target 5
Video 12–Viewing Target 6
Video 13–Viewing Target 7
Video 14–Viewing Target 8
Break Time–Detoxing and “Unzipping”
Video 15–Viewing Target 9
Video 16–“Achieving Balance Between the Ego and Subconscious Minds”
Video 17–Viewing Target 10
Video 18–Viewing Target 11
Video 19–Viewing Target 12
Video 20–Viewing Target 13
Video 21–Viewing Target 14
Video 22–Viewing Target 15
Video 23–Viewing Target 16
Video 24–Viewing Target 17
Video 25–Viewing Target 18
Video 26–“Virtual Viewing and the Higher Mind”
Video 27–Viewing Target 19
Video 28–“Taking a Break”
Video 29–Viewing Target 20
Video 30–“What is Ambience?”
Video 31–Viewing Target 21
Video 32–Viewing Target 22
Video 33–“Map Dowsing”
Video 34–Viewing Target 23
Video 35–Viewing Target 24
Video 36–Viewing Target 25
Video 37–“Welcome to the Matrix”
Video 38–Viewing Target 26
Video 39–Viewing Target 27
Video 40–“Bicycling to the Zero Point
Video 41–Viewing Target 28
Video 42–“Frontloaded” Targets
Video 43–Viewing Target 29
Video 44–Viewing Target 30
Video 45–Using Virtual Viewing With the Law of Attraction
Video 46–Virtual Medical Diagnosis and Healing
Video 47–Viewing and the Law of Attraction (II)
Video 48–Viewing and Parallel Realities
Video 49–Where is the Subconscious? Look Up to the ‘Cone of Possibilities’
Video 50–Subconscious Mind or Parallel Minds?  (Look Up Part II)