Opening Minds Audio Book

Here are the streaming MP3 files for my Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonance audio book narrated by myself.

You can also download the Opening Minds eBook here.
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Table of Contents

Foreward by Jim Marrs

Opening Minds Introduction
[audio: Opening Minds.mp3]

Chapter One: Diving Into the Unknown–The Resonant Challenge[audio: Minds Chapter 1.mp3]

Chapter Two: Technology and Time Control
[audio: Minds Chapter 2.mp3]

Chapter Three: The Age of Missing Information–The Paradox of Efficiency and Effectiveness
[audio: Minds Chapter 3.mp3]

Chapter Four: Resonant Viewing–The Quietest Voice, the Deepest River
[audio: Minds Chapter 4.mp3]

Chapter Five: Discovering the Alien Within–Subspace Travels at Farsight
[audio: Minds Chapter 5.mp3]

Chapter Six: Liquid Landscapes–The Mystery of Crop Formations
[audio: Minds Chapter 6.mp3]

Chapter Seven: Interfacing with Unknown–The Promise of Subtle-Energy Sciences and
Postscript–A Moment in the Sun

[audio: Minds Chapter 7.mp3]